Beach Chairs NZ Terms & Conditions

Thank you for booking one of the SmileDial & SURF Beach Chairs! Please read the following terms and conditions before you pick up your Beach Chair.

Please bring PHOTO ID when you pick up your Beach Chair. A copy of this will be taken and used as the formal ID of all hirers. You will not be able to use the chair without appropriate photo ID (passport, drivers licence or similar).

Please ensure you are on time to pick up your beach chair. If you are running late, please contact us to let us know. If you have not turned up within an hour of your booking start time, and have not contacted us, your booking will be cancelled.

Please ensure you return your Beach Chair at the agreed time as shown in your booking confirmation. Failure to do so may mean bookings after yours having to be cancelled and other users will miss their opportunity to use the Beach Chair.

These Beach Chairs are for use on either smooth surfaces or sand. Please do not use the chairs on rough surfaces, as this may damage the inflatable wheels.

Each Beach Chair is water resistant but it may be difficult to control the chairs when in deep water (as they may float). Please take care when using the Beach Chair in or near water.

Please be careful when operating the Beach Chairs and supervise the operation of these at all times. Although designed specifically for beach use there is a chance the Beach Chairs may roll or cause injury if not operated in a safe manner.

SmileDial and SURF take no responsibility for any injuries sustained while the Beach Chairs are in use. Each Beach Chair is checked before each hire to ensure they meet all safety requirements at the time of hire. If used correctly there will be no danger but please exercise common sense especially around water or sand dunes.

Hirers are liable for any damage sustained through incorrect operation of the Beach Chairs. If damage is sustained due to the misuse of the Beach Chairs, a quote for repair will be supplied to the hirer and they must work with SmileDial and SURF to rectify the damage.

Each Beach Chair has operating guidelines supplied on the booking site (maximum size of passengers etc). Please ensure you book the Beach Chair best suited to your needs. SmileDial and SURF will not be responsible (if at the time if pick up) the Beach Chair is the wrong size or not appropriate for the user. These Beach Chairs are provided through a community initiative by SmileDial and SURF. There is no charge for the use of the Beach Chairs but donations are appreciated. Donations will be used to maintain the current chairs and potentially purchase more in the future.

When picking up your Beach Chair it is assumed you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to these. Please ask.our helpful staff if you have any questions or concerns.

Have fun on the beach.

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